How the music starts...

Bill Salter is the pure exemplification of the expression of music that encompasses all genres and spans over five decades.   He is a songwriter, lyricist, producer, and bass player whose work is recognized with just the sound of a few notes.

The Collaborations

Over the past several decades Bill Salter has composed, performed and worked with a stellar roster of artists.


Here is a sample listing:

Starting his career with Harry Belafonte, Bill became a formidable force in the field.   It was during his time with Belafonte that Bill met his musical partners, arranger William Eaton and percussionist Ralph MacDonald.


 In 1969 Salter with his songwriting talent, and MacDonald bringing his skills as a producer and percussionist teamed up and formed Antisia Music Publishing Company. Shortly thereafter William Eaton joined the team bringing his acclaimed commercial credits as an arranger and musical director.


Together, with Salter at the helm of songwriting and arranger Eaton, they literally became ​a hit ​​factory. “Just the Two of Us”, “Where is the Love”, ​"Tradewinds", ​“Mr. Magic” and "When You Smile", are just a few of the hits ​on the list.

In 1977, William Salter released his solo album entitled, "It Is So Beautiful To Be" featuring all his original songs. BILLBOARD Magazine's reviewer quoted, "Known primarily as one of.....New York's top bass players, William Salter gives an impressive performance here as a singer......"

Harry Belafonte

Hugh Masekela

Valerie Simpson

Patti Austin

Roberta Flack

Mavis Staples

Tony Bennett

Shirley Bassey

William Eaton

The Winans

Will Smith

Bill Withers

Tom Scott

Paulette McWilliams

Sadao Watanabe

Lani Groves

Vivian Cherry

Hilda Harris

Yolanda McCullough

Ed Rak

Bernie Drayton

Elliot Scheiner

Richard Alderson

Marcus Miller

Buddy Williams

Steve Gadd

Nick Dimino

Susan Hamilton

Toots Thielman

Chuck Rainey

Jerry Peters

Anthony Jackson

Ed Walsh

Randy Brecker

John Faddis

Wynton Marsalis


In the studio with Bill Salter and  arranger Bill Eaton...

Take a listen......

Bill Salter  - "It's So Beautiful To Be"

Roberta Flack / Donny Hathaway  -"Where is the Love"

Grover Washington, Jr.  - "Just The Two of Us"

Lou Rawls - "Trade Winds"

The Winans- "Trade Winds"

Shirley Bassey  -  "When You Smile"

Robert Brooks /Stephanie Mills - "Where Is The Love"

Will Smith  - "Just The Two of Us"

Tony Bennet  - "Mr. Magic"

Grover Washington Jr.  - "Mr. Magic"

Amy Weinhouse - "Mr. Magic"

Bill Salter  -  "You Got Style"

When asked, the humble musical genius would say that his work with Makeba may have been his most rewarding.


Their relationship began in the early 1960's and their meeting coincided  with the struggle of the native people against the practice of Apartheid in South Africa and the Civil Rights movement in the USA. It was against this backdrop that Bill was inspired to compose the song "When I've Passed On" which she recorded and it became a staple of Makeba's live performances.


His work with Miriam Makeba exemplifies his commitment to social justice and community.

"Mister Magic"

"Just The Two Of Us"

"Where is The Love"

"When You Smile"

"Trade Winds"

Here are samplings of the music:

It's So Beautiful to Be....

Miriam Makeba performing Live at the Vatican "When I've Passed On"

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How the music starts...
The Collaborations